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Thoughts from Our Clients

Pita from Argentina stayed at Blossom for 2 months, and wanted to share her thoughts with everyone. Please read below!

-Why did you choose to stay at Blossom?

The most attractive aspect of Blossom, for me, was that it's only for women. I had lived in a share house in Tokyo with mostly men and was craving a more female-friendly atmosphere.

The house itself is gorgeous, modern and comfortable. The train station is literally two blocks away, which is a huge deal anywhere in Japan. The owners/managers speak English, so getting in touch and making arrangements was a breeze.

-How was Blossom? What did you like about it?

I was surprised that the place actually looks like the pictures on the website! It's a huge house, so everyone has plenty of personal space. Everything worked perfectly and it was kept tidy and clean by the manager.

There's a path nearby with plenty of green and a lovely stream where people walk their dogs or exercise.

I made good friends at the house, which I really needed after three months away from home. We had movie nights, went sightseeing, and hung out in the dining room. Whenever I needed alone time I just stayed in my room watching Netflix or reading, completely undisturbed.

I was at the house when the big earthquake hit Hokkaido. The power was out in the entire island, but the emergency lights in the house turned on right away. We all made our way to the living room and waited out the aftershocks. The power came back the following evening. I was glad to be in a modern building. I felt safe, despite the magnitude of the shocks.


-What do you want us to improve?

I can't really think of anything.


Thank you so much, Pita!

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